The fourth Edition of the Extreme Reconnaissance model of the Coalition of Governments Power Armor Division. The XR is designed to assist scouts in their duties. A super-light frame and light armor keeps this Power Armor under 120 pounds without a pilot. The only weapon systems on this model is are 4 retractable blades located in the forearms of the unit. However the Additional systems, and extras are more numerous then any other model.


Basic Humaniod
Height: 9 feet tall
Weight: 115

PS:21 (robotic)
SPD: 220 (60 mph roughly)

SDC: 225
AR: 15

Initative: +6
Gun Strike: +7
Strike: +4
Parry: +4
Dodge: +3

Retractable Blades (two each forearm)
4d6+7 per set,

Power Armor Standard items:

Combat Computer
Micro-radar range
Motion Detector
Bio Scan
Pressurized cabin

Special Equipment/Sensors:
Jump Jets, 500 feet up 600 feet over
Provisions Storage x2
Remote Probe
Camera Eye (digital)
Tele-Mental Helmet
Telescopic Vision
Radiation shielding
Wide band Radio Receiver and transmitter
Audio Recorder
2 eyelight beams
chemical analysis system
Video Receiver and transmitter
Radiation detector
sound analysis computer
modulating voice synthesizer


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